Product Description:

All kinds of ceramic fiber modules are made of ceramic fiber acupuncture blanket with corresponding material, and processed on special machinery according to the structure and size of fiber components. In the machining process, all keep a percentage of amount of compression, to ensure that the ceramic fiber module built after the wall lining, due to the expansion of each piece of ceramic fiber module in different directions, squeezed between ceramic fiber module into a seamless whole, ceramic fiber module can through various forms of anchorage parts directly fixed in industrial kiln furnace shell plate.

Product features:

◎ Good chemical stability

◎ The application of ceramic fiber module not only in kilns, but also brings the following benefits to end users:

◎ The various forms of anchors on the back of the module make the installation of the module can adopt both the parallel arrangement and the parquet arrangement.

◎ The folding blanket after unbundling will squeeze each other in different directions without creating gaps.

◎ Elastic fiber blanket can resist external mechanical forces.

◎ The elasticity of fiber blanket can make up the deformation of furnace shell, so that there will be no gap between components.

◎ Because of its light weight, it has little heat absorption as an insulating material.

◎ Low thermal conductivity brings high energy saving effect.

◎ It has the ability to resist any thermal shock.

◎ The lining does not need drying and maintenance, after installation can be immediately put into use.

◎ The anchorage system is far away from the hot surface of components, making the metal anchorage at a relatively low temperature, improving the safety of anchorage.

Product Category:

Ceramic fiber module



Supporting installation tools:


Typical applications:

Linings for various industrial kilns and heating devices in metallurgy, machinery, building materials, petrochemical industry and non-ferrous metals industries.

Ceramic fiber module application

Technical indicators:

Note: The combined blocks of other structures can be made according to user requirements