Product Description:

◎ Ceramic fiber blanket, using continuous production, after acupuncture fiber interweave uniform, high tensile strength, without any binder.

◎ Acupuncture blankets of different volume density and thickness provide users with a wide range of materials to obtain the best insulation structure and benefits.

◎ Ceramic fiber blanket has a good ability to resist chemical erosion (hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali Na2O,K2O excepted).

◎ The performance of ceramic fiber blanket is not affected by oil corrosion, after drying can restore its thermal performance and physical properties.

Product Category:

Product Features:

◎Good chemical stability
◎Good thermal stability
◎Good tensile strength
◎Low heat capacity
◎Low thermal conductivity



Typical applications:

◎ Industrial kiln wall lining, backing material, kiln masonry expansion joints, furnace doors, roof insulation seal

◎ High temperature pipe insulation material

◎ Module/folding block processing material

Technical indicators:

Ceramic fibre blanket