Product Description:

◎ A variety of materials of aluminum silicate fiber board, using the corresponding material of aluminum silicate cotton as raw materials, vacuum molding or dry molding process, drying and machining refined.
◎ In addition to the excellent performance of aluminum silicate loose cotton, the product has hard texture, excellent toughness and strength, and excellent wind erosion resistance.
◎ It is an ideal energy-saving material for furnace, pipeline and other thermal insulation equipment.

Product category:

Ceramic fiberboard

Product features:      

◎ Low thermal capacity, low thermal conductivity
◎ High compressive strength
◎ Non brittle material, good toughness
◎ Accurate size and good flatness
◎ Homogeneous structure, easy to machine
◎ Easy to install
◎ Continuous production, uniform fiber distribution and stable performance
◎ Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance


Product specification:

Typical applications:

◎ The backing insulation of kiln in cement building materials industry
◎ Lining insulation of various kilns in ceramic industry
◎ The backing, wall lining and lining insulation of kilns in petrochemical and metallurgical industries
◎ Wall lining and back lining insulation of glass furnace
◎ Heat preservation and heat insulation of heat treatment kiln
◎ Refractory brick backing of electrolytic reduction tank in aluminum plant
◎ Wall lining and backing materials of high temperature reaction and heating equipment

Technical indicators: