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– Type furnace profile –

Thin slab continuous casting and rolling is a new compact and efficient furnace technology introduced in China in recent years. It is the continuous casting machine cast 40-70mm thick slab, after the heat preservation or local heating to the strip hot continuous rolling machine, direct rolling into 1.0-2.3mm thick strip.

The normal furnace temperature of CSP line is 1220℃. The fuel is mostly gas and natural gas; The atmosphere in the furnace is weakly oxidizing. Because of the above operating environment, the furnace lining main materials of the CSP furnace type technology (LOI, BRICMONT, and TECHINT ITALIMPIANTI) introduced from abroad and at home are all fire-resistant ceramic fiber materials originally designed.

Insulation structure of ceramic fiber lining:

Burner position: light and efficient refractory ceramic fiber.

Furnace cover and wall:

  • Insulation material selection: refractory ceramic fiber blanket RDGW-512 combined with ceramic fiber module RDGW-589 furnace lining structure.
  • Insulation thickness: the total thickness is between 280 and 310mm.
  • Anchorage material of furnace lining: S310 material.
  • Module anchorage: butterfly anchorage.

– Technical advantages –

Butterfly type anchorage structure:

The anchoring part of the structural form is composed of a bracket shaped like “butterfly”, two heat-resistant steel tubes welded together, and a ceramic fiber folding blanket with a balanced compression capacity is inserted on both sides of the steel tube. The fiber module structure, not only the anchoring structure is firm, and can guarantee the module is installed, dismantled after protection chip, compressed folded blanket can produce fully rebound, not limited by the anchoring structure, to ensure that the lining seamless demands, at the same time because of the ceramic fiber module and backing layer between the seam between only a layer of steel plate, can realize fit closely with the backing layer, guarantee the lining thickness uniformity, smooth and beautiful.

Connecting part of beam:

Insulation material selection: use inverted “T” type light insulation castable prefabricated parts

Insulation thickness: the total thickness is 355mm.

Anchorage material of furnace lining: S.S. 310 material.

Prefabricated block anchorage structure: “Y” type anchorage is adopted.

Arrangement of prefabricated blocks: upper and lower labyrinth bond is adopted.

Prefabricated blocks with embedded bolts are fixed on the steel frame on the top of the furnace with nuts during construction.

Technical advantages:

1, labyrinth connection, good sealing: Inverted T-shaped castable prefabricated block structure, furnace cover lining at both ends buckle into the castable wall lining structure, so that the connection part forms a labyrinth structure, can achieve good sealing effect.

2. Precast forming, easy construction: this part adopts castable precast forming. During construction, only the fixed screw of the precast block needs to be fixed to the steel frame structure on the top of the furnace with nuts and gaskets, which is very convenient for installation and can greatly reduce the construction difficulty of castable on site.

Furnace roll sealing structure:

Roll table insulation seal

Rdgw-555, a special-shaped ceramic fiber containing zirconium, was used to make two different roller sealing blocks with half round holes, which were respectively locked on the furnace roll.

Technical advantages:

Semi-circular connection and convenient replacement: the sealing structure can not only guarantee the excellent sealing performance of the furnace roll, reduce heat loss, but also guarantee the long service life of the furnace roll with soft sealing. And each furnace roll seal block is an independent, so that the furnace roll or seal material replacement more convenient.

Billet gate damper — fire curtain:

Our company introduces a simple and efficient fire-proof curtain structure according to large continuous operation furnace (roller hearth furnace, step furnace, etc.) in metallurgy. The oven door without cumbersome organization structure, convenient installation, lifting, and without steel plate can free passage, at the same time can effectively block the radiation heat transfer, corrosion resistance, a series of advantages such as high physical and chemical performance is stable, used as a continuous operation furnace oven door out (into) material, simple and economical and practical is a very new application structure of market value.