Many users found that with the extension of the use time, more and more problems appeared in aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard, and it became more and more difficult to solve, such as the preparation problems they encountered in the use process, which brought them a lot of trouble, they did not know how to solve, so they came to us for help. Today xiaobian will consult the part about this knowledge and we discuss together, hope to give the majority of customers friends to inspire and help, let us have a deeper understanding of aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard.

Aluminum silicate fiber is taken and added with inorganic binder, organic binder and additives for full stirring and mixed pulp-making. Then, mechanical kneading-forming method or manual molding is adopted to produce the service blank, and monotonous treatment at 100-150 ℃ is performed at the end to remove water and promote the gelation and hardening of the internal binder of the product to reach the required hardness. Monotone products after the use of mechanical equipment for cutting, grinding, drilling, further processing.

Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board can choose different applicable temperature of aluminum silicate fiber; Organic binding agent can be so polypropylene phthalamide, cationic starch or methyl fiber in the home of one or more mixtures; The inorganic binder is one or more mixtures of cement, silica sol, aluminum sol or sodium silicate. Additive may be one or more mixtures of silica powder, expanded silica powder, expanded perlite powder or silica powder.


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