Ceramic fiber modules are widely used in industrial furnaces and various thermal equipment because of their good thermal insulation, stability and energy saving effects. In some furnaces, however, ceramic fiber modules cannot be used as a working layer in direct contact with the furnace atmosphere.

This is because these inside the kiln to produce or volatile out most of the gas composition are: H2, CH4 and CO, NH3, etc., refractory fiber in the gas environment, especially in high temperature structure change will happen, when the ceramic fiber used as working layer directly, the atmosphere will lead to refractory fiber structure damage, the crystalline speed, low temperature pulverization.


Therefore, ceramic fiber module can only be used as non-working surface insulation layer when used in the following several furnace types, even if the furnace temperature only hovered around 950℃~1150℃.

A. Various medium and low temperature kilns in reducing atmosphere, such as carburizing furnace, vacuum furnace, etc.;

B. All kinds of furnaces with protective non-inert gases and kilns in which various gases are volatilized from the heated workpiece during production, such as aluminum melting furnace and special casting paraffin film shell roasting furnace, etc.

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