As a new heat preservation material, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton has been applied in many aspects and has played a great role in heat preservation. So this material has a very good heat preservation performance. What is the moisture absorption in the air? The following article explains one by one:

First, the moisture absorption of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton in the air is 3.9% moisture per square meter, such moisture absorption can heat the drying room moisture-proof effect.

Second, hygroscopicity refers to the material in the air can absorb water properties. This property is related to the chemical composition and structure of the material.

Thirdly, the density range of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton is kg/m3100-250±16%, in which the aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton meets the product quality requirements.

The degree and performance of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton absorbing moisture in the air is introduced in this paper, which is inseparable from the structure and performance of the material itself, is a unique performance advantage as a insulation material, in the future development, because the performance advantage is great, will be applied in many aspects.


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