Through to the customer pays a return visit we found recently, although there are instructions, but there are some people on the ceramic fiber board is not very understanding, to which attention should be paid to some places are ignored, not play well in all the properties of the ceramic fiber board, small make up today about the ceramic fiber board to discuss with everybody, and hope to bring you the help. The deposition technology of ceramic fibreboard is to increase the yield point strength of reinforcement and save steel by forcibly stretching the reinforcement to produce plastic deformation under the condition of normal temperature with the tensile stress exceeding the original yield point strength of reinforcement. The specific deposition technology is as follows:

1. Most deposition techniques can control the thickness of thin layers within the range of several to tens of nanometers, and molecular beam epitaxy can obtain the structure of a single atomic layer.

2. The technique of depositing thin layers of metal onto substrates or previously obtained thin layers is called surface deposition.

3. Before deposition, ceramic fiber board should be cleaned automatically in the furnace at the same time for the parts and target materials, so as to ensure the deposition layer with high adhesion and accurate composition.


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