Through this period of understanding, I believe that we are not unfamiliar with ceramic fiber paper, but for customers who want to further understand the relevant knowledge of this product, these contents are still not enough. Today xiaobian will be about the installation of ceramic fiber paper knowledge to share with you, I hope to cause your attention, let you have a deep understanding of ceramic fiber paper. So when everybody is buying to use paper of ceramic fiber also can accomplish know in the mind, do not be in a hurry, hope to enlighten to everybody and help somewhat.

1. Do not damage the sealing surface or sealing line of the surface. The sealing performance of the plane depends on the upper and lower end faces; Hydraulic seal performance depend on the hole or shaft related with lip line, all these parts by both soft and rich resilience and low temperature, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance of graphite, rubber, fiber of these vulnerable special material, so need more in the process of handling, installation, care given special protection, once damaged tend to cause the effect of hard to use.

2. H-type ceramic fiber paper is rigid fiber paper, which is made of cotton pulp prepared by standard ceramic fiber, inert filler, inorganic binder and other additives through long mesh mechanism. Its excellent performance makes “H” ceramic fiber paper an ideal substitute for asbestos board. “H” ceramic fiber paper is easy to process, flexible, and has excellent high temperature compressive strength, it is an ideal sealing, pad material.


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