Ceramic fiber board is mixed by the lignocellulose fibers forming and use man-made board made of its inherent adhesive performance, but in order to make her more beautiful, if because our improper operation, and the deformation of let it happen, so not only affects its use effect, the beautiful sex will also be discounted, so we must pay attention to when using.

1. Reduce the moisture content of ceramic fiberboard and make it even, so as to reduce its weight.

2. After hot pressing, stack horizontally and press heavy weight. The direction of aluminum silicate fiberboard fiber is parallel to the direction of dry shrinkage and small wet swelling of the base material.

3, in the aluminum silicate fiberboard adhesive, the central part is a little loose.

4, the production of the product to reduce the amount of urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, so that the soft layer, improve the hot pressing conditions.


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