Recently, many of our customers have contacted us and asked us about their problems with ceramic fiber paper, hoping that we can help them. Today, I will share with you the knowledge about ceramic fiber paper, let us discuss together, hope to bring inspiration and help to our customers and friends, and let everyone have a deep understanding of ceramic fiber paper. The aluminum oxide used in ceramic fiber paper is divided into liquid aluminum oxide and colloidal aluminum oxide, different state of aluminum oxide has different effects on the performance of ceramic fiber paper, but specific aluminum oxide on the performance of ceramic fiber paper and what will be the impact. Let me illustrate this with experimental data.

The tensile index of ceramic fiber paper increases from time to time. When the addition amount of colloidal alumina is 20%, the tensile index of ceramic fiber paper is 0.82N? M /g, with the constant increase of colloidal alumina addition. When colloidal alumina was increased to 25%, the tensile index was 0.91N? When colloidal alumina was increased from 25% to 40%, the tensile index was increased from 0.95n? M over g goes to 1.92n, right? M /g, the percentage increase was 13.7%, 55.6% and 14.3%, respectively. It can be seen that the tensile index of ceramic fiber paper increases with the colloidal alumina dosage, and the rate of increase is low at the beginning, then increases rapidly, and finally decreases gradually.

With the increase of colloidal alumina consumption, the burning loss of ceramic fiber paper is also gradually increasing. The dosage is from 20%~40%, and it can be seen at the same time. The firing loss increased by 23.1%, 29.1%, 7.3% and 6.7%, respectively. The curve rose rapidly at the beginning, but with the continuous increase of colloidal alumina consumption, the increase gradually decreased.

From the above analysis results, the tensile index of ceramic fiber paper can be obtained with the increase of colloidal alumina. The rate of increase is first small, then large, and finally gradually decreased. The change of burning loss also increases from time to time with the increase of dosage, but the increase will gradually decrease.


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