The ceramic fiberboard is made of continuous production and streamlined production line with advanced technology. The ceramic fiberboard produced has the characteristics of flat surface, accurate size, good toughness, free cutting, and excellent heat preservation effect. What are the requirements of the ceramic fiber board in the layout design? This is a simple matter for designers or operators, but for many users, they don’t know much about it, so today we will This question will give you a brief introduction.

1. The module specification is 25mm×25mm, the flatness tolerance of a single module is ≤0.1mm, the gap between adjacent modules is ≤0.1mm, the flatness tolerance of adjacent modules is ≤0.2mm, and the flame retardant oxygen index is ≥ 27;

2. The graphic symbols adopt die-casting, screen printing and engraving techniques. The width of the line symbol is 6-9mm, and the width of the line symbol is 3-5mm. The line width tolerance value of aluminum silicate fiberboard is ≤0.05mm. The straightness of the line is within any range of 1000mm ≤ 2mm;

3. The board material is international gray module (ie mosaic style). The module adopts imported raw material PPO high-molded one-time molding. After special processing, the mosaic type can be assembled in any combination. The installation is flexible and convenient. It has 10 years of discoloration, antistatic, Flame retardant and other characteristics.

Through the introduction of the requirements for the surface of the fiberboard, we can know that it must not only strictly follow the specified values ​​in its specifications, but also need to understand the gap between its process and its lines. Then, under the protection of these requirements, We can guarantee the use of its products.


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