To answer this question, let’s first understand the thermal insulation principle of ceramic fiber modules.

Ceramic fiber is a kind of lightweight refractory insulation material. Its thermal insulation is derived from its ultra-low thermal conductivity. This is because the convective heat transfer of the pores with a diameter of less than 3μm is minimal, and there is almost no air flow. The porosity of the module can reach over 96%.

This is the advantage of refractory fiber. Once applied to the high temperature water vapor environment, the advantage will instantly be transformed into a disadvantage. This is because the pores inside the fiber will be filled with water molecules, so that the ceramic fiber corroded by water becomes the best heat conductor. The heat is conducted to the steel plate or furnace wall through the moisture. In the light of heat loss, the steel plate is deformed and the furnace body is damaged, which seriously affects production safety.

Therefore, ceramic fiber modules cannot be used in high-temperature water vapor environments. Similarly, aluminum silicate fiber modules that are damp or wet should also be discarded. During the storage and transportation of ceramic fiber modules, corresponding rain and moisture-proof facilities should also be adopted.


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