Refractory materials are the basic materials for all industrial manufacturing. As long as they are high-temperature industries, they must be inseparable from refractory materials, such as steel, cement, glass, petrochemicals, electric power, and even ships, aircraft, rockets and other military products. .

my country is also a major steel country in the world, and the refractory materials needed are basically supplied by these domestic enterprises. This opens up a sufficient market for ceramic fiber modules and other products. At present, domestic lightweight refractory materials such as ceramic fiber are developing towards high technology and high quality, and in many aspects have reached the world’s high-end level, but there is still a lot of room for development in some high-precision technologies.

With the rapid development of refractory materials, some low-end products will inevitably be eliminated. This is a challenge that many refractory manufacturers must face, and it also encourages us to continue to develop more energy-efficient and efficient new products to meet market needs. .


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