Generally, the insulation of large-scale heating devices usually adopts ceramic fiber module + blanket for insulation. On the one hand, the application of the structure is relatively mature, and the thermal insulation effect is remarkable. On the other hand, large-scale equipment means that there is sufficient space reserved for the thermal insulation layer, usually not less than 330mm thermal insulation thickness; in addition, the thermal insulation of ceramic fiber modules The structure requires a regular sense of space. If the furnace wall has large undulations or uneven surface, the firmness and sealing performance will be greatly reduced, so it is not recommended.

Such as curved high temperature equipment, or in the case of low insulation requirements, more use ceramic fiber blankets for insulation. For example, high-temperature pipeline insulation is generally wrapped in several layers of ceramic fiber blankets and bundled with heat-resistant steel wires; for lime kiln insulation, large ceramic fiber blankets are usually used for vertical tiled structure.

Ceramic fiber board is more powerful. If the wind speed is high, or it needs to be placed in the flame to block the fire, or a refractory material with rigidity and load-bearing capacity is required, ceramic fiber board is the best choice. For example, the kiln roof wind shield of the vault tunnel kiln can effectively equalize the temperature in the open flame furnace, save coal consumption, and improve the quality of red brick firing; the addition of a backing plate in the cast furnace lining greatly reduces Heat loss, energy saving and consumption reduction, while improving product quality and extending furnace life.

Of course, for some parts with special structure and relatively important heat insulation, we have introduced ceramic fiber special-shaped parts, which can be customized according to user requirements and use environment measurement. However, the relative cost will be higher and it is not suitable for large-scale use.

In addition to the following conventional materials, the company also introduced super thermal insulation materials, nano thermal insulation boards, aerogel blankets, refractory castables for furnace casting products, and ceramic fiber cloth, tape, packing, etc. that can be used for high temperature protection. Provide a series of high temperature insulation solutions for users and friends.


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