Aluminium silicate fiber felt is a kind of refractory material refined by vacuum forming or dry process through drying and machining. It is an ideal energy-saving material for kilns, pipes and other thermal insulation equipment. The following editor will introduce you to silicon Drying of acid aluminum fiber felt.

The traditional drying method has a very long cycle, requires ultra-high temperature to dry, wastes energy, and is not completely dried. The microwave drying equipment uses microwaves to heat the aluminum silicate fiber felt spread on the conveyor belt, without heat conduction through fire-resistant materials, and can increase the temperature of the material in the shortest time to achieve rapid drying. Effect. High production efficiency, low temperature drying, environmental protection and energy saving.

Generally, the wet material of aluminum silicate fiber is vacuum dehydrated, demolded, and placed on a tray to be dried in a drying oven for 10-24 hours. The drying time is longer and the drying speed is slow. Because of its poor thermal conductivity, aluminum silicate fiber felt takes a long time to dry with traditional hot air, and the energy consumption is too large, and the drying uniformity is poor. The use of microwave drying equipment solves the problem of poor heat transfer performance and improves The production efficiency meets the requirements of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection in modern industrial production, and solves the problem of long drying time and uneven drying of traditional aluminum silicate fiber felt.


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