The aluminum silicate fiberboard is processed by a wet vacuum forming process. Its strength is higher than that of vacuum forming felt, and it is more suitable for use in high temperature fields where the product has a higher rigidity and strength. Let us understand how to improve the flexural strength of aluminum silicate fiberboard:

When we are studying chopped aluminum silicate fiberboard, we have carried out a certain analysis of the microscopic morphology of the fracture after bending and fracture of the reinforced silica sol shell. There are few fibers distributed on the fracture surface of the aluminum silicate fiberboard. The enhancement effect is not obvious, only 0.28MPa and 0.45MPa, an increase of about 12% to 19%. With the increase of fiber addition to 0.6% and 0.8%, the number of fibers on the surface of the aluminum silicate fiber fracture gradually increases, and its distribution in the shell is more uniform, indicating that the fiber has better dispersion in the coating preparation process, so participate The number of reinforcing fibers increases, thus showing an increase in the overall reinforcing effect.

At this time, the diameter of the fibers existing on the fracture surface of the product can be observed to decrease, which is caused by the elastic deformation in the process of fiber fracture and debonding. Continue to increase the amount of fiber added. From the fibers on the surface of the aluminum silicate fiber fracture, the residue of the mold shell can be observed, which shows that the aluminum silicate fiber effectively bears the load during the debonding process, which explains the experimental analysis The result is to help the aluminum silicate fiberboard to enhance the bending performance.

Through the above research, everyone should have some understanding of the use of aluminum silicate fiberboard. If you encounter any problems that cannot be solved in the process of using aluminum silicate fiberboard, you can consult us.


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