Many people may not know very well about ceramic fiber special-shaped parts. In fact, it is made by vacuum process using ceramic fiber cotton as raw material. Because people’s ignorance may prevent the product from performing its normal use performance, today we will briefly understand the role of ceramic fiber special-shaped parts in furnace insulation:

The box-shaped hearth can be replaced by a round hearth, which can enhance the uniform heat transfer effect of the hearth and reduce the heat loss from the furnace wall.

Ceramic fiber special-shaped parts can be used for the insulation of the circular furnace, which has a better overall insulation effect and can be directly applied to the hot surface.

The product has better anti-wear and anti-stripping properties, and it will not be corroded by most molten metals. It is the ceramic fiber special-shaped parts that meet these requirements in the production that enable them to have low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity and excellent high temperature resistance, and can be produced according to customer requirements without use.

Ceramic fiber special-shaped parts are widely used in various industrial kiln hot surface linings and backings, steel industry heating furnaces, ladle covers and other industries. It is mainly because of its excellent performance that people have been widely used. If you want to know For more knowledge about the product, remember to pay attention to our website updates.


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