When the ceramic fiber board is used for the first time, if the component temperature exceeds two or three hundred degrees, a slight smoke will appear. This is caused by the burning and volatilization of organic matter in the ceramic fiber board, which turns brown in a short time. After running for 1-3 days, aluminum silicate Naturally restores the original white color without any impact on product quality. Next, the editor will introduce the instructions for the first use of ceramic fiberboard.

Because the ceramic fiberboard contains part of the binder, when we use the ceramic fiberboard for the first time, once the temperature of the component exceeds the melting point of the binder by two hundred degrees, we can see a faint smoke. Don’t panic at this time. Because this does not mean that there is a problem with the quality of the product, this is a normal use phenomenon. It is just that the binder of the fibers in the ceramic fiber board is volatilizing. After volatilization, you will find that the original white aluminum silicate board turns brown. It is also normal, because after two or three days, it will naturally return to the original white color, and it will not have any adverse effects on the related equipment.

The above are the instructions for the first use of ceramic fiberboard. The production technology of ceramic fiber products makes the fiber distribution very uniform. Only by doing its maintenance work can the true effect of ceramic fiberboard play a role.


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