Ceramic fiber cotton is a kind of thermal insulation material with low oxidation resistance and low thermal conductivity. It is very popular. Due to the high similarity of product performance to glass fiber cotton, many users are easy to choose wrong when choosing. Let us take a look at this fiber. The difference between cotton and glass fiber cotton:

1. Ceramic fiber cotton, also known as aluminum silicate fiber cotton or aluminum silicate cotton, is a new type of refractory insulation material. The cotton-like ones are ceramic fiber loose cotton, and the roll-felt-like ones are ceramic fiber blankets. Ceramic fiber cotton is classified according to the refractory temperature: ordinary type 1050, standard type 1260, high purity type 1260, high aluminum type 1400, zirconium aluminum type 1400, 1400 with zirconium. The long-term working temperature of ceramic fiber cotton is 950℃~1280℃. The actual use temperature is -50℃~1280℃.

2. Glass fiber cotton is a kind of thermal insulation material, the use temperature does not exceed 500 ℃, glass fiber ultra-fine silk cotton is generally used at about 300 ℃, yellow, with glue, low price, often used in low temperature insulation and wall insulation, etc. . The use temperature of fiberglass mat is about 400℃, white, without glue, some fiberglass mat is covered with a layer of aluminum foil (gas barrier, anti-radiation), mainly used for insulation of low-temperature pipeline equipment.

3. At low temperatures, generally below 150°C, glass fiber and ceramic fiber have similar thermal insulation effects because their thermal conductivity is basically the same.

When the temperature is high, the thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber cotton is relatively low, the ability to hinder heat transfer is strong, and the heat preservation effect is better. Of course, when the temperature exceeds 400 ℃, you can only choose ceramic fiber materials.


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