Since 2018, the customer demand for nano thermal insulation panels has increased by at least 50%. It is good news for nano thermal insulation materials. The main components of nano thermal insulation panels are silica and some ceramic fiber materials. The raw material, and then use aluminum foil with good reflectivity as the outer wrapping material, and then produce it through a special process. The conventional thickness is generally 1-2 cm. Of course, more than 2 cm can also be produced.

The thermal conductivity of the nano thermal insulation board is much lower than that of the ceramic fiber needle-punched blanket, and even lower than the thermal conductivity of the static air, but the temperature resistance is not as high as that of the ceramic fiber cotton. The temperature resistance of the nano thermal insulation board can reach about 1100 ℃ , But the temperature resistance of ceramic fiber cotton can reach 1200-1300℃, and the thermal insulation effect of nano thermal insulation board is about 5 times that of traditional thermal insulation cotton. In the current industry, the most used are mainly ladle and molten iron. Not only is the insulation effect good, but it can also reduce the thickness of the insulation, which can save a lot of costs for enterprises. At present, the popularity of nano thermal insulation boards has been increasingly recognized by enterprises. Of course, these are all based on accurate data.

The service life of the nano heat insulation board is also quite high. Under normal use, it can reach a service life of 5-10 years. It is simple in construction, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and does not release any harmful substances. The energy-saving effect and economic benefits are very intuitive and obvious. In 2021, our company (Shandong Redun High-Temperature Material Co., Ltd.) will increase the production of nano thermal insulation panels, and continue to develop and design more new nano thermal insulation materials, and make greater contributions to the enterprise thermal insulation. .


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