Tunnel kiln and brick kiln insulation cotton mainly uses aluminum silicate fiber modules and aluminum silicate fiber blankets as the insulation layer, mainly because aluminum silicate insulation cotton has high refractory temperature, good insulation effect, low thermal conductivity, and no need for complicated The process of oven and other processes can be ignited after installation, without delay. Now the construction cost is increasing. Many brick factory owners will consider tunnel kiln ceiling cotton to hire workers for construction, which can save a lot of costs. Aluminum silicate insulation cotton The manufacturer only needs to provide an installation tutorial.

1. Derusting the stove and fireplace board.

2. Draw lines on the furnace wall according to the construction drawings of the screw layout, determine the screw installation position, and then determine the module installation position.

3. Weld the screw according to the line drawing position, and the welding wire is A302 type.

4. Put the backing blanket through the screw and spread it on the furnace wall.

5. Screw the guide rod to the thread of the screw.

6. Put the module along the center hole through the guide rod and lean against the furnace plate.

7. Use the mounting wrench to tighten the nut to the screw to ensure that the module is fixed.

8. Unscrew the guide rod.

9. Install the next module in sequence according to the above method.

10. Pull out the plastic tube in the center of the module.

11. Disassemble the module straps.

12. After a row of installation is completed, the wooden boards can be drawn out.

13. Install the compensation blanket before installing the next row of modules (a compensation blanket needs to be installed between one row of modules and another row of modules, just fold the needle-punched blanket in half).

14. Continue to install the next row of modules and cycle in turn! Until the installation is complete.

In order to ensure the smooth installation of the module, first make sure that the line is drawn accurately, otherwise the subsequent process will be in vain, strictly control the error size, secondly install the backing blanket (aluminum silicate fiber blanket) and then install the module, install the stove top and then Then install the furnace wall. When installing the furnace wall, you must install it from bottom to top. After the installation is completed, a row of compensation blankets must be installed. Compensation blankets must be added between the furnace roof and the furnace wall and between the furnace wall and the furnace wall! After installation, check whether there is a gap, plug the compensation blanket larger than 5mm, and flatten it with the surface of the wooden module.


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