As a kind of thermal insulation material often used in petrochemical industry and machinery industry, aluminum silicate thermal insulation material has a wide range of uses. The ultra-low thermal conductivity can be said to give play to its advantages, light weight, high toughness, and thermal stability Good performance, why does it have such a good thermal insulation effect?

First of all, there are pores between aluminum silicate fibers. When the specific gravity of the fibers is the same, the smaller the diameter of the fibers, the smaller the pores between the fibers, and the greater the barrier to heat transfer. For ordinary items, the weight The faster the heat conduction is, but it is not absolute. Aluminum silicate fiber is light in weight and conducts heat very slowly. So it has a very good insulation effect. However, when the aluminum silicate fiber cotton comes into contact with water, the water droplets in the pores are called a heat-conducting medium, which speeds up the transfer of heat, so that the aluminum silicate fiber cotton loses its thermal insulation function.

The thermal stability of aluminum silicate insulation material is incomparable with other lightweight refractory materials, such as refractory bricks, which will crack after repeated rapid cooling and hot environments, especially during the use of brick kilns. Seriously, it will cause the brick kiln to collapse.

Of course, aluminum silicate insulation material is not omnipotent. Before using it, you must understand the working environment and the atmosphere in the furnace. If corrosion occurs during use, it will quickly reduce the insulation performance of the product. Certain components such as H2, CO, SO2, NH3, ammonia, alkali metals, fluorine, chlorine and sulfite ions can affect the thermal insulation performance of aluminum silicate insulation materials.

Therefore, in addition to understanding the use environment during use, be careful not to contact with water, otherwise aluminum silicate will be of no use.


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