Rotary hearth heating furnace is a kind of mechanized furnace that uses the rotation of the furnace bottom to make the billets placed on the furnace bottom from the charging port turn to the discharge port with the rotation of the furnace bottom. According to the shape of the furnace bottom, the rotary hearth furnace can be divided into two types: ring furnace and disc furnace.

The center of the rotating hearth is inconsistent with the center of the hearth. At present, the size of the ring furnace is expressed by the average diameter of the furnace multiplied by the inner width of the furnace, and the pan hearth furnace is expressed by the inner diameter of the furnace. Rotary hearth furnace is usually divided into preheating section (900-1150°), heating section (1150-1300°) and soaking section 1280°.

1. Furnace wall part

The entire furnace can be built with clay refractory castables or ramming materials, and the insulation layer can be made of zirconium-containing ceramic fiber blankets.

2. Furnace top position

The top temperature of the furnace is relatively high. If the refractory brick structure is used, high alumina bricks or clay bricks should be selected, or for ease of construction, refractory castables can also be used for potting.

3. The bottom of the furnace

Light clay bricks can be used at the bottom of the furnace


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