The chemical properties of ceramic fiber blankets are relatively stable on the whole, and have good resistance to acid and alkali. However, ceramic fiber blankets are not suitable for use in the furnace atmosphere of the following substances.

1. Fluorine and fluoride: Fluorine is the most corrosive to refractory fibers. It reacts with all aluminum silicate materials, including mullite fibers.

2. Vanadium and other heavy metals: V2O5 will be produced when vanadium and other heavy metals in poor-quality fuel burn. It melts into liquid at about 690 degrees, adsorbs on the pores of the fiber, and forms a hard shell on the surface of the fiber lining. Corrosion layer by layer.

3. Sulfur and sulfuric acid: Although sulfuric acid does not react with ceramic fibers, it corrodes metal anchors seriously. In some cases, it even “dissolves” the anchors and furnace shell.

4. Alkali metal: Long-term application in alkaline environment will cause shrinkage and damage of the fiber lining, and will continue to corrode the bottom layer after the surface layer falls off.

5. Phosphoric acid: Experiments have shown that when used in an environment above 540 degrees for a long time, the fiber will shrink significantly.


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