Generally speaking, the working temperature of drying furnace is below 600 ℃.
Refractory materials for drying furnace should be selected according to the use position.
The combustion chamber and fire passage are generally built with ordinary clay bricks. Other parts, such as furnace top and furnace wall, can be built with the combination of 1140 ceramic fiber module and ceramic fiber blanket.
The reason why refractory bricks or castables are not used is that the volume density of refractory fibers such as ceramic fiber modules is low, which reduces the load-bearing capacity of the furnace body; the second is that the thermal conductivity and heat storage capacity are very low, the thermal inertia is small, the heat insulation effect is better than that of refractory bricks, and the energy saving effect is outstanding.
In addition, 1140 ceramic fiber blanket can also be used to fill the double-layer steel plate room of the furnace door to reduce the weight of the furnace door and increase the heat insulation effect.


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