Many users find that with the extension of the use time, the problems of ceramic fiberboard are more and more, and it is more and more difficult to solve. For example, the problems of ceramic fiberboard they encounter in the use process bring them great trouble, and they don’t know how to solve them, so they come to us for help. Today Xiaobian will consult some of the knowledge in this area to discuss with you, hoping to bring inspiration and help to our customers and friends, so that we have a deeper understanding of ceramic fiberboard.
Ceramic fiber board is an excellent refractory. It has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, small heat capacity, good thermal insulation performance, good thermal insulation performance, non-toxic and so on. It is specially used in various high temperature, high pressure, easy to wear environment. It is widely used. Let’s learn about the role of ceramic fiberboard in friction plate
1. Ceramic fiberboard is a kind of artificial mineral fiber which is made of high-quality aluminum silicate fiber after short cutting. It has good high temperature resistance and extremely low thermal conductivity. It is attached to the surface of friction plate material, which can effectively reduce the heat decay and expansion of other low-temperature materials in friction material, and improve the stability of friction plate material in the process of manufacturing and using;
2. It is easy to disperse, does not play ball, does not entangle and irritate skin dust in the production process, and is beneficial to human health;
3. Low hardness, high fictitious, can well absorb the noise of friction plate material due to braking;
4. It can absorb all kinds of powder materials and make the friction plate material more stable.


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