In order to reduce the heat dissipation of high temperature industrial furnace, refractory fiber material is often used as lining. In many inorganic fiber materials, ceramic fiber insulation blanket is a relatively more effective ceramic fiber lining material. In addition to material selection, lining construction is also an important factor affecting the heat dissipation of industrial furnace. So, in industrial furnace, what kind of refractory ceramic fiber lining construction can reduce the heat storage loss of furnace wall, reduce the temperature of furnace wall, and stick to the load-bearing capacity of industrial furnace at the same time?
The construction process of refractory ceramic fiber lining includes:
1. Inspection and cleaning: before the construction, the size and flatness of the steel structure surface shall be checked, and the surface shall be clean and dry, so as to facilitate the construction and ensure the service time of the industrial furnace lining;
2. The concrete implementation process of refractory ceramic fiber lining construction is as follows:
(1) Marking: according to the prepared drawings, determine the midpoint position of the components to ensure that the requirements are met, and complete the marking steps in a reliable way;
(2) Welding: after the anchor midpoint is determined, it is accurately welded, and then full welding is carried out after the position is determined; besides the anchor material, the high temperature strength of the anchor is also related to the size and thickness of the anchor;
(3) Auxiliary materials for laying ceramic fiber blanket: the auxiliary materials include: backing blanket, sandwich blanket, etc. the gap between each layer is staggered and overlapped, and the butt joint is tight; in the laying of top sandwich blanket, the “U” type fixation shall be adopted. After laying, the collision and other physical gravity impact shall be prevented to avoid the deviation of the midpoint position;
(4) Installation of ceramic fiber module: after the installation of the above two layers, select the parts to be installed to install the ceramic fiber module. Insert the middle point of the cold surface anchor of the module into the guide rod, initially fix the middle point position, and after confirming that it is seamless, fasten the middle point nut by nine parts for later adjustment. After completion, the corresponding inspection should be carried out to ensure the flatness and beauty and extend the service time.


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