When it comes to ceramic fiber blankets, many people are still unfamiliar. Ceramic fiber blankets were initially military materials, and later expanded into the industrial field. His figure is active in major high-temperature fields such as petroleum, chemical, and metallurgy. With the progress of the times, the good fire resistance and heat insulation performance of ceramic fiber blankets will glow in the civil field. Then the problem is coming. The net-fiber ceramic fiber blanket is harmful to the human body and can cause pneumoconiosis. If this news is true, even if the ceramic fiber blanket has excellent fire resistance and heat insulation performance, it is presumably unacceptable to the public.


In response to this doubt, Shandong Redon gave an answer:

1. The essence of ceramic fiber blanket is the fibrosis of stone, which is non-toxic and harmless. Due to its fibrous state, body contact may be itchy.

2. The ceramic fiber blanket is easy to inhale due to its small fibers. It is an inorganic substance and is not easily degraded. Long-term inhalation of large amounts will have a certain impact on the body.

Therefore, Shandong Redun reminds you that occasional contact with ceramic fibers has no effect, but when long-term contact with ceramic fiber blankets and other materials, it is necessary to take protective measures, wear long trousers, gloves, etc. to prevent the irritation caused by fiber irritation and other discomfort; At the same time, you must wear a special mask to prevent fiber inhalation and affect your health.

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